Opening hours

Apenheul is clused during winter. In 2019 Apenheul is open on 30 and 31 March and from 6 April to 3 November.

Entrance fees 2019

0 to 2 years                               free
3 to 12 years                             € 19.50 p.p.
13 years and older                     € 23.00 p.p.
Disabled*                                  € 19.50 p.p.

* Visitors who are not able to visit Apenheul independently.

Visiting address and directions

Apenheul is situated less than 45 minutes from Utrecht and Nijmegen, and from Amsterdam you can be walking amongst the primates within the hour. The way to Apenheul is clearly signed in and around Apeldoorn. Due to roadworks at the Laan van Spitsbergen in Apeldoorn the read to Apenheul is (partly) closed. We advise visitors to take a different route to Apenheul.

- From the A1 (from Deventer), follow route A50 towards Zwolle. From there on you take exit 25-Apeldoorn-Noord and follow the signs for Apenheul.

- From the A50 (from Arnhem) take exit 25-Apeldoorn-Noord and follow the signs for Apenheul.

- From the A1 (from Amersfoort) take exit 18-Kootwijk and follow the signs for Apenheul.

There is plenty of parking available near the zoo. From the car park, cross the street and walk straight onto the pavement. Follow the path to the left alongside the pond, in the direction of Apenheul. Parking tickets are also available at the Apenheul visitor service.

Visiting address
J.C. Wilslaan 21
7313 HK Apeldoorn
The Netherlands

Free roaming primates

Primates are naturally very friendly and not at all dangerous. To enjoy the primates that are walking around the park, we ask you to keep a few things in mind.

- You can borrow a special '100% monkey-proof bag' for your belongings. That way you can safely take your belongings with you into the park, without risking any nosy primates stealing your things.

- You can enjoy the primates at their best and their funniest when you leave them be. Don’t pet the primates and don’t pick them up. If you stroke a primate, he will think that you want to hurt him.

- The animal keepers provide the primates with a special primate diet. Human food, peanuts, sweets and even fruit from home isn’t part of that diet. These things can even make them very ill. Please don’t ever feed the primates!

- Feel free to enjoy your own food and treats, but not in the areas where the primates walk around freely. Before you know it, the primates will have stolen your sandwich or sweets.

- The use of a selfie stick can be experienced as a threat by the primates and is not permitted in Apenheul.

Apenheul is more than just a fun day out

Apenheul is dedicated to primates and their habitat in the wild all over the globe. Many cousins of the primates that you meet in Apenheul are threatened with extinction in the wild. The Apenheul Environmental Protection Fund supports various projects protecting primates and nature worldwide. By visiting Apenheul you contribute automatically. A win-win situation! Would you like to do more? Get a cup of Apenheul’s delicious fair trade Lazy Monkey coffee in the park or join us for an eco-journey.

Privacy statement

We are careful to protect the privacy and privacy-sensitive data of our (online) visitors. The information that we ask from you is requested for a good reason. We need this information to provide better service.