Free roaming monkeys

Apenheul Primate Park is unique. There is no other zoo in the world where you will find so many primates roaming freely among the visitors: more than 200 of them! The monkeys are very friendly, and are harmless to you and your children, and they will come up close. However, to enjoy them at their best, you should adhere to a few simple house rules.

‘Monkeyproof’ bags

Primates are naturally curious and they are always looking for food. Human food is not good for them. Sweets and medicine in particular can make them sick. Do not let the monkeys get into your pockets or bag. You can leave your personal belongings in free lockers at the entrance of Apenheul. If you would rather take them with you, Apenheul will provide you with a ‘monkey-proof bag’ that you can return to us when leaving the park. These special bags cannot be opened by the monkeys. The monkeys have no interest in photo and video cameras, so you can carry these around on your shoulder like everywhere else.